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meprofileMy name is Paul Rogers and I’m an independent SEO consultant with over 8 years’ experience. In this time I’ve worked with companies ranging from startups to big-name global brands and with businesses based in North America, Asia, and Europe.

I’ve worked with retailers (most of the work I do is with ecommerce companies) of all sizes and have experience of working on huge migration projects, re-platforming projects, Magento upgrades, general SEO validation, international SEO and I also provide general consultancy and audits.


How I work with clients

Magento SEO Audits

I’ve provided comprehensive SEO audits for over 50 Magento Community and Enterprise websites, covering technical SEO, on-page SEO, penalties and link strategy / profiles. These reports included 1-2 days of research / analysis and are modular, so you can choose which areas I cover.

Magento SEO Consulting

I’ve provided SEO consulting services for Magento retailers all over the world, covering mostly technical SEO. I’ve worked on migrations, post-migration issues, Magento upgrades, new site launches and lots of other projects.

General digital marketing consulting

I’ve helped companies of all sizes create and implement digital strategies, covering a variety of customer acquisition channels. As part of these projects I would generally also conduct research into their existing customers and how they’re responding to different aspects of their customer experience.

Google Analytics consulting

I’ve worked on a variety of complex Google Analytics implementations and have experience of fixing a wide range of GA issues, improving business reporting, recording additional data points and also helping companies to better understand their data.


Recent clients



Paul and I had worked together on previous Magento projects and I asked him to complete a full audit for Fashion Bunker. Paul delivered the audit very quickly and it covered a huge amount of technical issues and also on-site recommendations, as well as a full analysis of our link profile. Read more...

Jared Brown, Ecommerce Director at Fashion Bunker

Paul provided us with a full SEO audit for our Magento website, which covered our link profile, on-page SEO, content and technical SEO issues. The report he provided was very detailed, but it was broken down so it was easy to digest – even the technical bits. Paul’s knowledge of the Magento platform was great and he also provided guidance on implementing the technical fixes that he recommended. Read more...

Nicole Kersh, Managing Director at 4Cabling

Paul completed a full audit for one of our websites, covering on-page, off-page and technical SEO - he also provided some UX advice. The audit he delivered was very clear yet comprehensive and covered... Read more...

Conrad Gardner, Project Director for Bloomsbury Publishing


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